Flight to Sakhalin. (Khabarovsk)

Sergei at the helm of his AeroCommander-520

    I want to say at once that you can only dream about such a method as in Khabarovsk! In the Far East live sincere, kind and very decent people.

   We stayed on Kalinka for a few days for diagnostics and repairs, and these few days we were surrounded by real friends. Today, Kalinka is the central airfield in Khabarovsk, where all the main pilots and private jet owners gathered. During our parking and subsequent repairs in Khabarovsk, all local pilots and engineers came to us, each of us was interested in what and how we have, what can be helped. Roman Kirpo and Mikhail Stolyarchuk brought and presented different gaskets suitable for the Cessna-150 and the Continental O-200 engine, but the greatest help was provided by Sergey Dolzhenko and Vadim Drozdov. It all began with my request to Sergey - to measure the compression, the angle of magneto installation and to help repair the shimmy damper on the bow rack. It was also planned to find a soldering iron and repair the dead splitter of the cigarette lighter and died 20 minutes after the departure from Belogorsk a new flowmeter. Well, then went. In two cylinders, compression was not enough. The second and third cylinders produced no more than 58/80 ... The second poisoned through the intake valve, and the third through the outlet. It is necessary to pull the cylinders and repair. Fly through the Sikhote-Alin and the Tatar Strait so you can not ... Decided to stay for repairs. Yes, and the weather analysis said that the current window is only for one day, the next will be May 1 for one day, and then Sakhalin will cover the bad weather.

Sergey diagnoses the motor of our Cessna-150
Alexey and Sergey
Cylinders 1 and 3 of the engine Continental O-200
Cylinders 2 and 4 of the engine Continental O-200
Sergey looks at the state of the piston of the 2nd cylinder
Repair in 4 hands
Yeah ... I'll have to take this cylinder to the workshop of Vadim Drozdov
General view of Cessna-150 from Do-28
Roman Kirpo came to the rescue
o .... how you run it all ;-)
Before installing the piston in the cylinder - the cylinder walls are lubricated with engine oil
Only with clean hands we touch the walls of the cylinder, sand is not permissible.
Now, let's talk and see the valves
Well, where without welding on a modern engine? Sergei welds the nut to the broken exhaust stud

They began to disassemble the engine, removed the deflector, the exhaust system, the system of supplying the mixture to the cylinders, along the way they found a broken pin and a secant exhaust on the 4 cylinder. For two days Khabarovsk citizens were engaged in our Cessna. Cylinders were repaired, 3 hairpins were replaced (one broken and two shabby - Sergey made of hairpins from the old motor of his Toyota). May 1 morning everything was done! The plane was ready to fly again.

Vadim Drozdov's workshop
Repair of shimmy damper

In the workshop of Vadim

When there is a number of good tools - a smile lights up the face of Sergei
In each such box they keep an air specialist. Usually Klepal alone does not work, so you need two boxes. ;-)
The field compressor does not need electricity. Khabarovsk finalization.

At the same time, after doing a huge job of repair, friends refused to pay. The management of the airfield did not take a penny from us for parking. To tears touched this attitude of people to our problem.

A small gift from Khabarovsk. Hydro accumulator from Il-62 (we will take the next time)
Office of AOPA-Russia in Khabarovsk.

In between repairs of his aircraft, Alexei and I managed to fly on a very interesting Cessna-150, owned by Andrei Sitnikov. It is equipped with Lycoming-235, bush wheels and kit kit on the wing. A wonderful plane turned out. At speeds of 2100, this Cessna is flying 100 miles per hour. A good rate of climb is also a pleasure from piloting.

Conquerors of the sky!

Also Sergei and Vadim took me to the Aerocommander-520, which flew in from the USA via Alaska and the Bering Strait. A magnificent airplane!

Vadim Drozdov at his bird Do-28.

Well, it was very interesting to get acquainted with Dornier Do 28, which Vadim Drozdov and Sergey Dolzhenko were brought from Israel and are now being restored.

The aerodrome management sets the task for the next flight day.

But about this and about the adventures on the route Khabarovsk-Sakhalin I will tell in the next, final part of the narrative.

To be continued…

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